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What is a ductless heat pump? 

Ductless heat pumps can be single zone, multi-zone, ductless or ducted. Multi-zone heat pumps allow for room-by-room temperature control.  A heat pump generates heating or cooling by transferring heat from one place to another. In the winter, they serve as a heating system, while in the summer they serve as an air conditioner. Get the best of both worlds save on energy consumption and upgrade today.

Single-zone or multi-zone mini-Splits are great for retrofits and a variety of situations and designs. Choose from multiple indoor styles, wall mount, slim duct, cassettes, and console units. There are many options and combinations that will suit your needs. 

Ducted or ductless systems provide optimum comfort throughout the year. We will treat your home like it is our own and design a system that will exceed your comfort requirements.

Do I need ductwork? Isn't it expensive?

There are mini-split designs that have no expensive ductwork. The right design will avoid energy losses. Duct losses equal a bigger bill and loss of efficiency. We will use quality materials and workmanship.

Some ducted systems require expensive and intrusive installation. Mini-split slim duct systems can be a good solution under the right circumstances. 

If your home has preexisting ductwork and you require an upgrade from an old system we will provide a proper inspection and quote. We will size your new system appropriately and ensure your ductwork is up to the task. Book a free consultation with us to determine what is needed.

As a member of the Home Performance Contractor Network, Air Comfort Controls is an eligible contractor for various rebate programs offered by BC governments and utilities.

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At Air Comfort Controls we offer 24/hour emergency services. If your equipment has broken down our highly trained technicians will respond and provide quality repair services. 

A properly maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will experience considerably fewer breakdowns. Maintained systems work at peak efficiency year in and year out. Call our technicians today to find out more!

Schedule your appointment today and receive your free quote! Upon arrival our technicians will conduct a thorough survey to evaluate your needs. We will provide professional installation followed up with a free inspection.


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