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Preventative Maintenance or Service Call Pricing

Heat pump maintenance inspection is only $169
Service call diagnostic $120

As a member of the Home Performance Contractor Network, Air Comfort Controls is an eligible contractor for various rebate programs offered by BC governments and utilities.

Installed and serviced by Air Comfort Controls

Is The Air Circulating In Your Home Free Of Germs?
APCO / Mini UV Lights Are A Low-Cost Investment
Ultraviolet Light Stops Microbial Build Up On Your Filters, Coils Drain Pans, And Duct Surfaces
Reduce Illness And Disease By Installing UV Lights
 Destroy Microorganisms And Pathogens In Your Heatpump System
Are Your Air Filters Clean?
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Are You Ready For An Upgrade? 

Electric Baseboards Are Expensive 

Stay Cool In The Summer And Warm In The Winter 

Save Money And Energy With A New Heat Pump

Clean professional installation services





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Heat Pump Installation Experts

At Air Comfort Controls we offer 24/hour emergency services. If your equipment has broken down our highly trained technicians will respond and provide quality repair services. 

Properly maintained equipment will experience considerably fewer breakdowns. Maintained systems work at peak efficiency year in and year out. Call our technicians today to find out more!

Schedule your appointment today and receive your free quote! Upon arrival, our technicians will conduct a thorough survey to evaluate your needs. We will provide professional installation followed up with a free inspection.

What is the best equipment for my home or business?

With years of experience installing and servicing heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment, we can recommend the best quality equipment available to you and your family at an affordable price.

How often does my system need maintenance?

Annual preventive maintenance can lead to peace of mind. Many potential problems can be alleviated, and it may stop you from spending money on an emergency service call.

How much is it costing you to heat your home?

Many utility companies offer rebates for installing a heat pump. This, in turn, will reduce monthly energy consumption, and produce fewer greenhouse gasses providing a better future for our families.

Jeff was great. He was very personable, honest, and didn’t talk down to me. He explained everything very clearly and he was very thorough. He told me what needed to be done, what should be done and what I could do. He didn’t try to up sell me or force me to spend money on anything unnecessary. He quoted a reasonable price and stuck to it.

What I appreciated most was he REPLIED to my initial call. Then, after we made an appointment, he called ahead of time to confirm and called again to say he was on his way. He arrived ON TIME. He had to go get some parts for my heat pump. He called again and told me when he was 20 minutes out. He returned and did everything in one day.

Dealing with some other companies has been a hassle. None at all with Jeff.

After trying 5 different companies, these guys were the ones to solve all my problems. Thank you!!

''Just upgraded my electrical base board heating to a ductless heat pump and I mist say, this unit is fantastic! Its quiet and very efficient! Air Comfort Controls came through for me and even beat all the other quotes I was given! They arrived on time and finished the job in a timely manner! If you can request a tech, ask for Jeff. Highly recommend this company!''


Service Rate
Per Hour


Per hour

During regular business hours 8am-11pm

Free diagnostic with repair 





Indoor and outdoor unit

HRV heatpump 

Equipment inspection

Safety checks

Peace of mind

Free Quote

Time and materials

Competitive pricing

Heat pumps, Exhaust Fans, Roof top units ext.

Refrigeration Equipment And Accessories


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